Tennis any one

While the weekend brought 60 degree weather and tennis players out we are back at cold days and every one bundled up. The forecast is for some snow but in this area I think that warm is going to start winning out over this cold stuff very soon.

I am excited about the photo future.  Being part of organizing a photography club through work has sparked some excitement.  I can’t wait to be part of a gathering of others who want to shoot.  We are all beginners so this should be a very interesting, a great learning experience.

The Forest through the trees

See the forest through the trees, is that the saying?

Sometimes we really can’t see what is there in front of us, it’s beauty is there, the wonder it provides, the light through the trees on the other side, yet we look away, we avoid, run, ignore and fear it; fear of failure or lack of strength?

See the forest through the trees, journey in to the forest, take a wrong turn and fail but find your way through, fight the demons in the deep dark forest, come through the other side look back on the beauty of the forest through the trees.