Officer Reilly with a Smile for You…

Because he always makes you smile, I am giving you a shot of Reilly today.

Some of you know of him, some of you have met him and some of you have seen him on my flickr page but he is always good for a smile no matter where you see him.

Whenever I am out with Reilly I see it, strangers smile and say “Is he a Jack Russell?” and of course he is and they laugh. They all think he is a puppy. Reilly is 7. 

Reilly came to our house on August 11, 2007 and never left. He was a rescue; he lived in his foster home for 3 years before we found him. He needed some structure. His original owners would let him wander the neighborhood. He would come home with UPS packages and autographed baseball hats from other people’s garages. I guess that is why he ended up in a foster home. Tim wanted to give him back, my heart wouldn’t let go.  We trained him, Tim trained him. He now listens. He stole Tim’s heart too.  A little sketchy around kids but we know how to take care of that, he still spins but not as often. Ya have to meet Reilly in person to see the spin, neighbors watch out windows just to see; they laugh.

Reilly was suppose to have a different name but because he was an older dog we kept the one he had; I changed the spelling to a more Irish version. You know because if Reilly talked he would have an Irish brogue. Tim thinks I am nuts but there is this personality that comes out of Reilly when you are walking him sometimes.  I call it, The Officer Reilly.

Growing up in my neighborhood when I was little they had beat cops that walked the streets. At night they checked storefront doors making sure they were locked, cleared out the shadows keeping the streets safe; we lived on the first floor so I could watch them walk by they were always alert, looking side to side, going in and out of the door ways. THAT is Reilly when we walk around the neighborhood, he ducks in and out of driveways looking at people’s houses, pert, on his toes, ears pricked in the air looking from side to side and up the streets.

Here is officer Reilly to give you a smile today.

For the Health of it…

So today I started something that will hopefully get my body back in line and start acting right.

The next six days should be interesting, a challenge and hopefully get me back on the path of being me.

Yes I ingested it, all tall dark green 8 ounces of it; really didn’t taste as bad as I was advised .  In fact there was no taste at all.

I was suppose to have a partner to partake of this in support; 4 hours in to it and they quit.

Its ok I have endured disappointment from my own body workings this is not really going to be all that bad…it’s the end result that will be my challenge.

Will it work? Am I excited? I will get back to you in 27 days.  Until then its life as it has been.

Whatta ya know Joe

I know they say when you reincarnate you come back, or are suppose to come back as a higher being. What I was told is that you don’t go backwards and becoming an animal is like going backwards.

After my dad passed, I use to think when a seagull would stand out in the group, the one that is not really scavenging the blankets, but that silly one that keeps hanging out staring and doing funny things was my dad and I would laugh. When I was told it’s likely that seagull is not your dad, ya know because of this reincarnating thing I had a feeling of disbelief.

No way, he has to have something to do with this.

 These are the things he would get a kick out of; he would make a comment or joke about the same lone goofy seagull later on and you realized he was sitting there watching that same lone goofy seagull.

One day at the beach that my dad always took us to I was out in the water looking back at the beach when a freak twister like wind swept across the beach, this mini twister was plucking umbrellas out of the ground like you would take candles out of a cake, one after another, colorful umbrellas airborne and sailing through the air like the fluffy stuff that dandelions turn in to and as it went down the beach heading up over the hill it disappeared as quick as it came. On the same day as I sat on the blanket; it was late afternoon I was looking out over the water and everyone was passed out sleeping in the sun when suddenly a massive amount of dragonflies were flying over the beach, so many that people were getting pelted by them, if you were laying down you could not sit up. I sat there watching them coming from the direction of the water not one hit me; it was amazing surrounded entirely by them as they migrated up over the hill to disappear as quickly as they came.

My dad was not the wind, not a dragonfly or even a goofy seagull, but I have to believe his spirit was there that day and when I remember it and my lips curl up on one side and then the other and that smile becomes laughing I have to believe that a spirit is there laughing with me.

Beni n Me


Beni and me are anxiously awaiting the sun,

I feel a bond, a kinship with the lizard

No I do not own one, but I feel like one sometimes

I get energy from the sun, recharged, I feel like I need to move towards it whenever it shines

Beni and me I think we would be friends, if I were a lizard

He has that kind of smile, smirk if you will

Dog Smiles

I had a different picture to post today but with the lack of sun and abudance of rain in this area I thought a good sunshiny picture might hit the spot.

Reilly loves the sun, takes after his mama, it’s like we are lizards.  We get our power from the sun’s rays.


If I am thinking of the cold weather it tends to chill me to my bones.
Psyching myself out with thoughts of warm weather, summer time and the sun on my face seems to work, the thought of a happy place, this place, keeps the cold at bay, warming up my bones and psyche.