The New View…

Another one, what’s this?! I just wanted to share this picture. I found it before I was about to shut down. I forgot I shot this yesterday while I sat here at my computer. Yeah, the room is a bit disheveled as that we are in transition. Turning this room from my girly guest room into the girly office room; transition how friendly a name for a mess.

I know my white balance is off and there are photographically so many things wrong, crappy composition, no framing, I cut off the end of the computer screen blah blah blah but to me, in my opinion they look right. I love the hue, the over exposed windows the etherial feel of it all and really the only thing I added was burned edges. At the time my view was really not contianing the  computer screen so there, it was cut off by my peripheral vision. I just realized I have a thing for burned edges, just ask the people at the Dugout. When I would call in the order I would ask for my grinder  to have the edges burnt; I digress as always. Ok back to my thought, I wanted to share my new view with everyone yesterday because I was really diggin it but I think I moved on to …OH I know I left, went paint swatch hunting with Him.

You can’t really see it behind the computer monitor but there is a big, overstuffed chair with a pattern that no longer goes with anything but I love it. He had it when I moved in with Him a long time ago and I think He inherited it from His mom. It is so comfy, I will not let Him get rid of it, thing is now it may not fit anywhere in our house. Reilly loves to perch right there, over the top of the monitor, on the back of the chair; he sunbathes in the window to the left.  He also barks at other dogs and people walking by; if only I could talk Him (not Reilly HIM) in to upholstering the chair in the brown and white pony print faux fur I have wanted so badly then it wouldn’t have to go, it could stay, it would fit just right, in our sitting room.  

Any way I have this great idea for this room, new color, neat furniture something creative, inspiring, romantic and girly. 

I want to thank Apple for creating the iPhone; for if not for the iPhone my girly office would not be on its way and that explanation is for another day, maybe.