Catching lightning…

Tonight a storm came through; actually a few they were predicted to pack a lot of lightning.

They did.

This is my second attempt at catching lightning; I have to say compared to my first attempt this was most successful.

Unfortunately I had very limited battery power, it was getting late in the evening, someone was trying to get to sleep; how in the storm I don’t know and I had to shoot through a window.

However, I have to say I caught a lot of it, perfect it’s not but I am getting there…

Coming Soon To a Neighborhood Near You

Spring rains, severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

Soon after  the constant warm weather rather than intermittent warm days. 

 The tulips are already poking their little green stems through the black mulch, and before you know it we will be sticking those sunflower seeds in the ground to see if I can replicate that mutant like stalk that grew last summer.

More to come.