It’s Time For Baseball Playoffs …

It’s time for baseball playoffs which means that He is in heaven. He has a favorite team but He just loves the sport and watches all the games. Last weekend we went to what could have been one of the final games in Bobby Cox’s career; thanks to some awesome friends who shared tickets we had a great time.  And yes, even the can throwing incident was funny but only after it occurred; what made it so special was how He AND Erin both in the heat of moment acted sort of the same. Cans were thrown, faces made out the back window, a classic moment to remember for sure.

This weekend we will be attending our first ever playoff game. Do I have a team in it? Does He have a team in it? No not the game we will be attending, it’s a playoff game, its baseball and it’s something to do on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Yes, it is better when you have a team in the game and yes, we once attended a game that my team played in …once.

He said that He has never seen that side of me before and mumbled something about rude New Englanders. Whatever! We out cheered the home team fans and quite possibly outnumbered them as well and of course we rocked the home team. So, if you want to call that rude so be it, if someone comes in your house and takes over you should hold your heads down in shame and take the beating. OK so yeah, I guess that was a side of me He or anyone else for that matter  has ever seen but hey I am not a trash talker I don’t yell rude things at the other fans, I don’t even call the opponents rude names. During the game you can certainly count on me to cheer, quite possibly the loudest and celebrate the win but I am not rude. Just don’t ever take me to a hockey game.

Its fun going to a baseball game with Him, I like it and He even looks cute in His baseball hat. I guess that is where I digressed today.  

So enjoy the neat perspective of the Braves Fan appreciating their Coaches retirement celebration. May you have a happy retirement Bobby Cox; you have brought so much too so many players in your career.