The Sprouts are coming, the sprouts are coming…

They are sprouting, little green stem and leaves coming up through the mulch.

I just planted them last weekend and here we are one week later with growth.

It looks like every little Bachelors buttons has sprung up from its seed; these are going to hopefully provide the background for my Hens~n ~Chicks in a big decorative pot.

The sunflowers are growing with such fervor that they still have part of the sunflower seed shell on their little leaves.

Last year we had the mutant sunflower tree.  My goal this year is to get that same tree like growth. Except this year I planted a ton of them; I expect to see sunflower fireworks out there this year. 

There is a third type of a sunflower that was given to me by a friend called Teddy Bear Sunflower, I can’t wait to see those come bloom time.  

So far all the rain from last year, the cold winter we had and more rain this spring has brought us out of a drought down here has paid off; I mean besides filling the lake back up which was a big deal.   

Everything is growing like crazy and producing flowers.

The Hens ~n~ Chicks are multiplying like crazy, the lilacs came to life this spring, the hydrangea has survived, and my fuchsia are actually growing through the mulch they were buried under; let’s hope they produce some flowers.

I hope I can keep this green thumb luck up for a long time because Tim’s mom is coming this summer and I want her to see a nice looking yard; she has a serious green thumb no, wait, she has  a kick ass green thumb.

BUT I am afraid if it goes how I planted we might have a crazy sunflower yard.

To my mom…


Because I don’t have a recording of my mom doing this song this is the closest version of this song that sounds just like my mom, and yes she sounds that good.  I always cry hearing this song; it makes me miss my mom.

I was the fourth and final to add to your three, the day you gave birth to me

You gave me life

You gave us song

The job you performed can surpass none other

Our heads you gave cover

 Our bellies you filled

Our hearts you instilled

The ways of loving, caring; unknowingly how to be fearless

I am of you, I am like you and yet you taught me to be my own

You let each of us go and we always come back

Ma, Mom, Ma I am far away,  today I miss you


The survivor, struggling, fights while the strong have staked their claim.

Shows grace, style and strength; producing in the same vein of excellence not backing down.

The strong survives but the survivor perseveres and stays the course.

The survivor knows the way.

In Dreams Message Received…

In dreams we see things different then in life, mystical, eartherial, sometimes chaotic, people who are not themselves but you know they are someone else, ya follow?

 But what do our dreams mean?

Do we give them value? Take them seriously? Do we dismiss them by providing a simple explanation? It was that pickle and chocolate you ate before going to bed; no I did not eat those two items before bed last night.

Sometimes we have overwhelming dreams in times of stress or when we feel out of control, dreaming of symbolic things that hunt us down in what is suppose to be a peaceful time of slumber.

I use to have a reoccurring dream. Standing on a beach a huge wave was approaching I could tell by its size I couldn’t out run it, this thing was going to cover the beach. Not just partially and get the people camped out closest to the shoreline with their chairs all wet but it was headed all the way up to the top where the snack bar was; I always woke up right as the wave was cresting and about to slam down. After my dad passed away the dream started again but this time I didn’t care; at the time I didn’t care about much of anything. In my dream I faced the wave and jumped under it; just like when you are riding waves trying to find that perfect one diving under the crappy stuff. I came up on the other side it was still like a lake, no waves, calm. I have never had that dream again. I came out of my funk; I faced that overwhelming feeling inside.

Last night I dreamt of a friend, the dream made me worry. I couldn’t get my friend out off my mind, was the universe sending me a message?

I believe it did, trust your instinct.

My awesome mistake…



Can’t seem to find them growing here in the south.

Back home if you have a lilac bush on your street and the neighbor is nice enough to let you raid their yard you would run home with a huge bunch of cuttings so you could get them in water quickly to savor the fragrance; no matter how many you take there always seems to be a ton still left on the branches.

When I was little I remember kids would bring them in for the teacher; somehow I always found myself sitting close to the teachers desk so got to smell them all day long it was intoxicating.

I was lucky to live next door to my sister who had a lilac bush in her yard, I would raid that sucker and fill up my apartment. The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom; any and every surface that could would have a jar, a glass, or vase perched on it and if it was next to the window even better. All the windows open, the exhilarating aroma wafting in on a warm spring breeze while lying in bed listing to music…ahh Lilacs.

There is no way to replicate this scent. Any perfume that has ever tried it has failed. The closest I have ever come to finding the scent in the off season is a Yankee Candle and that in itself is another story.

My dream as you have seen written before is to have a lilac bush under each window; well this plant has struggled just to survive the last four years, no blossoms just leaves. I had purchased three, two purple/blue and one white. I guess I lost a blue one because this is giving me white flowers. The sister plant, its name is stick to give you an idea of its progress.

Has Anybody here seen Hank…

The flowers are they getting old? But this one is for Hank.

Yes, there are cherry blossoms in Atlanta, they look like big fat carnations and this year they are huge, like giant pompoms, and it’s like Mother Nature’s cheerleaders out there doing their thing.

She gave us the rainy season before the winter then followed up with lots of cold and snow, by Atlanta’s winter standards.  Now we see the result in these flowers that blooming. Big fat flowers with lots of colors.

A Cherry Day


I seem to be on a flower kick, not sure why I am not really into flower photography. 

It’s just there and pretty.

I try not to limit what I do, no pigeon hole here. Just go with the flow and come what may.

I go by my heart, let it lead where it takes me, learn by experience.

The cherry blossoms are huge this year; Martha Stewart couldn’t make a more perfect looking bouquet then what this tree is creating outside daily.

We started out with three trees, the one in the middle has become a beast, we lost one that sat to the right and the other to its left is surviving, fighting every season to keep its long gangly limbs producing flowers and leaves. 

This year its flowers are just as big as the beast. 

It’s got heart; it’s having a Cherry Day.