To my mom…


Because I don’t have a recording of my mom doing this song this is the closest version of this song that sounds just like my mom, and yes she sounds that good.  I always cry hearing this song; it makes me miss my mom.

I was the fourth and final to add to your three, the day you gave birth to me

You gave me life

You gave us song

The job you performed can surpass none other

Our heads you gave cover

 Our bellies you filled

Our hearts you instilled

The ways of loving, caring; unknowingly how to be fearless

I am of you, I am like you and yet you taught me to be my own

You let each of us go and we always come back

Ma, Mom, Ma I am far away,  today I miss you

They say it’s your Birthday

The first song that came on my iPod today was The Beatles, Birthday. I didn’t pick it; I have it set to shuffle at random.

It was fitting that my day started with that song, for it was 80 years ago today that the woman who gave birth to me, my brother and sisters was born.

 The first very important thing to say about my mom is that she knew how to do a birthday; she created a great birthday tradition. Nothing but birthday cakes from Langeliers Bakery; the only substitution my mom would ever entertain was a cake from Ruthie. It was a sad day when Langeliers closed and from that point on my family was in search of the replacement. Today’s image is that replacement.

My mom didn’t do the huge parties with hats  and noise makers, there were no party clowns and back then there was no such thing as those humongous bouncy inflated things; it was a friend or two and family. Less attendees more cake for all of us kids.  NO my mom didn’t say that it’s my sarcasm creeping in , one thing my mom endured for  a good part of her eighty years was four kids that had a sarcastic sense of humor. We tease her, she is an easy target.  She always laughs although, there was that one time playing Taboo… but she knows it comes from a place of love.  Especially, if it’s coming from her favorite son.

Besides a birthday cake every year a place of love was really the important thing my mom made sure was in our lives. Before any one left the house, hung up from a call or was off to bed she always made sure we said I love you and if you can a hug is provided. Often my mom at the end of a day, when us kids were still living at home was followed by “night ma love you”, our conversations on the phone always have the same closing statement “bye ma love you” and she returns it with “Love you too” In fact we all say it, all my siblings and if it’s not done there is something missing.

Today is the birthday of my mom, she is 80 and I end my night saying “night ma Love you”