But Then Again It Could Have Just Been The Beer…

The Six Degrees of Separation, ever heard of it? Perhaps you have? There is a game that you can play using the theory; The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in which a ton of Hollywood actors can be connected to him in six degrees. I can participate in this and if you know me so can you, you would be the 4th degree of separation from him, cool right? You see now that makes you separated from Jack McFarland from Will n Grace, whose real name escapes me now but I like Jack and I have wanted a friend like him for so long but I digress. I do that a lot.  

It is also a  movie starring Will Smith but that is not what this about, read on.

The theory is that everyone in this world can be connected to any one else in this world by six degrees. Quite an interesting theory it is, when you put your mind to it the series of degrees is astounding.

When my sister and I were traveling in Ireland with our father we met these two guys one night while drinking in a pub who were very nice; hey I was single then no need to get all uppity because I am not single now. They showed us around town, sort of a mini pub crawl.  They worked for what I think was Irelands version of the Coast Guard sort of; they patrolled the coast and protected it from poachers and other stuff like that but then again I could be way off base here. The beer was going down great all night long. Dad was buying rounds earlier in the night and the beer there is not like the beer here. So, anyway a conversation that took place between me and one of the guys was about this six degrees thing, he wasn’t getting it; I broke it down for him. “I now know you; you have a friend who is now only separated by one person right? So, go down the list. If someone knows someone, and that person has a friend in let’s say Africa, I am now separated from the person in Africa by only five people he is the sixth. Like me you know me now so there are people in the states you will only be separated from by five people.” Can I tell you how the concept freaked  this individual out. It was like he was lost in infinity from that point on, like I threw a wrench in the spokes of his wheel of life.  It made me laugh; I never really ever said anything to any one that was so profound they were rendered speechless, right there, in front of me, I mean holding his head in his hands uttering nothing but “wow”. But then again it could have just been the beer.

Hot Totties for Joe…

It was a long time ago I went to a land far and away. 

Got off the plane, here I wanted to stay.

Driving in the car wrong side and all; yet I drove like a pro it was not I who hit that wall.

It was peace in my heart no troubles in my head; every day a new adventure every night a new bed.

A poets tower, a wonderful bay, the hills full of sheep and men making hay.

A town full of family a short visit at that; had to drive to the big city to get our money back.

Found a place for the night some reason didn’t feel right, but a hot shower with pressure was a pleasant delight.

Vegetarians platter was all I could eat for a saw was needed to cut that leather they called meat.

It was an Inch, it was a Strand, its beauty was grand, this place feels like home my heart left to roam.

Off to the place full of drink did help us mingle, a lovely little dolphin in a place called Dingle.

Up through the mountains, over cliffs to the sea, the trips end is coming how can this be?

Back where we started, oh the places we did go, a doll calling out a name, hot totties for Joe.

How I would miss this place, can’t explain why, sitting in the airport, beginning to cry.

It was a long time ago I went to a land far and away, I found my favorite flower on a bright sunny day.

A Trip of a Life Time

Thirteen years ago I took a trip to Ireland, September of 1996.

Little did I know as I flew across the Atlantic I was embarking on a trip that would come to mean so much to me.

My sister and I along with my father rented a car; we set out on the longest Sunday drive for the next 12 days with no reservations at any hotels, no set plans for our travels, just a car our map and 12 days ahead of us with nothing planned. What we did not know is that we would literally drive around the entire country, taking us full circle starting and ending in Shannon; ok we didn’t go to northern Ireland so it was not the entire country per se but if we had stayed longer I am sure events would have brought us in that direction. The days between landing and taking off made up the most amazing vacation of my life. Memories that would come to be cherished for a life time; six months after our trip we would lose the man that would have the greatest influence on our lives, our father.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Dad, and thanks for giving us the life we have and help mold us in to who we are today. This shot is way before I picked up the camera and started shooting as a hobby. I wish I would have done better this shot would be awesome.