There is just something about that face…

There is just something about that face.

Looking at Reilly always makes me say that to myself.

I say that about the other man but he can speak; he tells me I can’t put his face here, no not on the internet.

So I can share Reilly because he can’t speak therefore he cannot protest the posting of his face.

Inspiration has eluded me lately, among other things. BUT I read somewhere today that if you are going to blog you should still blog when you have nothing to blog about; ya follow? And after searching through what I thought was nothing I found many something’s because Reilly provides many something’s to blog about.

Soo my blogging about nothing is this …just something about that face.

The eyes have it…

And boy do they ever have it rough right now.

The pollen count started off the season with a high of 5733 count, but that didn’t bother me.

I was fine.

Today at a lower count of 1253; it’s the tree pollen that is wreaking havoc. My eyes are taking the beating. I sure hope Jason is not wearing his contacts this week.

People often think Tim is crying in this photo; poor Tim what is wrong? I’ll tell ya what’s wrong his eyes were bothering him. Yes, rubbing them makes it worse, he was not rubbing them just holding up his hands to them in frustration. In fact this is not even this year’s pollen season; this was an old photo from a few years ago.

Today my eyes made me think of this picture.

Taking a break from the flowers but sharing the result of the springs growing season.