Officer Reilly with a Smile for You…

Because he always makes you smile, I am giving you a shot of Reilly today.

Some of you know of him, some of you have met him and some of you have seen him on my flickr page but he is always good for a smile no matter where you see him.

Whenever I am out with Reilly I see it, strangers smile and say “Is he a Jack Russell?” and of course he is and they laugh. They all think he is a puppy. Reilly is 7. 

Reilly came to our house on August 11, 2007 and never left. He was a rescue; he lived in his foster home for 3 years before we found him. He needed some structure. His original owners would let him wander the neighborhood. He would come home with UPS packages and autographed baseball hats from other people’s garages. I guess that is why he ended up in a foster home. Tim wanted to give him back, my heart wouldn’t let go.  We trained him, Tim trained him. He now listens. He stole Tim’s heart too.  A little sketchy around kids but we know how to take care of that, he still spins but not as often. Ya have to meet Reilly in person to see the spin, neighbors watch out windows just to see; they laugh.

Reilly was suppose to have a different name but because he was an older dog we kept the one he had; I changed the spelling to a more Irish version. You know because if Reilly talked he would have an Irish brogue. Tim thinks I am nuts but there is this personality that comes out of Reilly when you are walking him sometimes.  I call it, The Officer Reilly.

Growing up in my neighborhood when I was little they had beat cops that walked the streets. At night they checked storefront doors making sure they were locked, cleared out the shadows keeping the streets safe; we lived on the first floor so I could watch them walk by they were always alert, looking side to side, going in and out of the door ways. THAT is Reilly when we walk around the neighborhood, he ducks in and out of driveways looking at people’s houses, pert, on his toes, ears pricked in the air looking from side to side and up the streets.

Here is officer Reilly to give you a smile today.

Because of Jewel…

Because of Jewel Reilly has a home with us.

When I moved in with Tim I had to bring Picasso back home to live with his grandmother.

Tim was allergic to cats and I could not stand to give “The Man” away.

We stayed the weekend so everyone could meet Tim and my niece brought over her dog; You see because I had to get rid of Picasso Tim said we could get a dog some day, he was not allergic to all dogs but cats were bad for him and this would be the test.

Jewel was a Jack Russell who went on five mile runs with Jeff; Tim is a runner so it made sense. Yeah, Jack Russell’s full of energy, they need exercise, if Jewel could do the five mile run why couldn’t another Jack Russell? At the time Tim was running 5-6 miles a day.

As luck would have it no sneezing. A Jack Russell it would be.

On the drive back down south it didn’t really hit me until New Jersey, I don’t have Picasso anymore and I started to cry. Tim promised we will get the dog in the spring.

It was October and he figured walking and training new dog would be easier in the warm weather. Well spring came and no dog; we were renting and it was not doable, then we moved to Atlanta and again we were renting, not doable. A couple years in Atlanta and we started house hunting, found the home, moved in November. One year after being here I started looking, I found Reilly, saved the link and went to work.

So, now we have Reilly. He doesn’t go on runs; he was a handful in the beginning. Barking, spinning, not listening always has to be on a leash. With a lot of work he became a good dog. He has become Tim’s best buddy.

Jewel was funny; she was obedient, could run around on her own, no need for a leash. After getting Reilly whenever I went home and Jewel ran outside I would panic and then it would occur to me she is not like Reilly. Jewel even visited once when we lived in Tennessee, her parents took great care of her and loved her so much. She loved that bully bone, even when there were five of them in the car driving all the way from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Jewel recently moved in to a new home and had lots a room to run around. She was happy.

My mom called today, Jewel became ill and had to be put down.

Jewel brought a lot of love and happiness to a lot of people and because of Jewel, we have Reilly.

Dog Smiles

I had a different picture to post today but with the lack of sun and abudance of rain in this area I thought a good sunshiny picture might hit the spot.

Reilly loves the sun, takes after his mama, it’s like we are lizards.  We get our power from the sun’s rays.