In Between is Memories…


A view from the beginning of the day and a look back at the end of the day; in between is memories.

Fans were elated and disappointed. They jumped, they screamed, they chopped and they booed. They ate, they laughed and they drank. Some drank so much they fell asleep in the front row; what a waste of a seat.  But in the end it’s all about the memories created.

My first memory of baseball rings back to childhood. A hot summers night, all the kids were running around playing a game called slips; we lived in an apartment block with no air conditioning so all the moms were out front sitting in their chairs drinking their sombrero while the kids were allowed to stay up late playing this game. It’s like hide and go seek on steroids; only the older kids could play. The younger kids had to stick to where the moms could see us. My dad could be found sitting on the back porch in the pitch dark. I would stand in the doorway looking out, I could see the orange glow of the hot cigar growing brighter with each of my father’s deep breaths and then the smell would grow stronger as he exhaled the thick smoke. He sat out there on the porch listening to the baseball games on the radio. Sometimes I would go sit out there and not say a word just listing to the game, the crackle of the cigar that would burn down with each breath and sometimes I would stand in the doorway, in the dark and just listen; I wonder if he knew I would stand there and watch that cigar burn down listening to the games.

As I got a little older I attended some Red Sox games in Boston and yes they were fun but one of the most memorable game that sticks out in my mind was at Yankee Stadium. It was not the game that I remembered hell, I couldn’t even tell you who they played; I think Bucky Dent was at short stop. It was one particular thing that sticks out in my mind that occurred that day.  The seats in the upper deck were so damn steep and we were so high up that when I stood up I felt like I could tumble over all the rows and fall splat on to the field. However, I do know we were not the only people in our section that day feeling high. About one or two rows down in front of us some young boys lit up a joint and started passing it around. Suddenly my mom is yelling down the entire row “Turn your heads, turn your heads” she thought we were all going to get high.  

Turner Field does not have that issue, it’s almost too big, to spread out, it lacks that intimate feeling of a good baseball field and you feel far removed from the game. But now that I live in Atlanta and He is a huge baseball fan we try to attend some games throughout the summer. He is a Cubs fan; I am a Red Sox fan.  As stated in a previous post he discovered that side of me when we attended a Braves vs. Red Sox game. Of course we won and that is my most memorable game here in Atlanta to date.  Last night we went to the playoff game were the Braves lost to the Giants.  There was of a different kind of energy before during and after the game. He says that was one of the loudest crowds he has ever heard, I beg to differ that Red Sox game was pretty rowdy.

As I am writing this He hollered up to say the Braves lost, seems as though they have come to their end.  As always it’s the beginnings and endings and what we make of the memories in between.

It’s Time For Baseball Playoffs …

It’s time for baseball playoffs which means that He is in heaven. He has a favorite team but He just loves the sport and watches all the games. Last weekend we went to what could have been one of the final games in Bobby Cox’s career; thanks to some awesome friends who shared tickets we had a great time.  And yes, even the can throwing incident was funny but only after it occurred; what made it so special was how He AND Erin both in the heat of moment acted sort of the same. Cans were thrown, faces made out the back window, a classic moment to remember for sure.

This weekend we will be attending our first ever playoff game. Do I have a team in it? Does He have a team in it? No not the game we will be attending, it’s a playoff game, its baseball and it’s something to do on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Yes, it is better when you have a team in the game and yes, we once attended a game that my team played in …once.

He said that He has never seen that side of me before and mumbled something about rude New Englanders. Whatever! We out cheered the home team fans and quite possibly outnumbered them as well and of course we rocked the home team. So, if you want to call that rude so be it, if someone comes in your house and takes over you should hold your heads down in shame and take the beating. OK so yeah, I guess that was a side of me He or anyone else for that matter  has ever seen but hey I am not a trash talker I don’t yell rude things at the other fans, I don’t even call the opponents rude names. During the game you can certainly count on me to cheer, quite possibly the loudest and celebrate the win but I am not rude. Just don’t ever take me to a hockey game.

Its fun going to a baseball game with Him, I like it and He even looks cute in His baseball hat. I guess that is where I digressed today.  

So enjoy the neat perspective of the Braves Fan appreciating their Coaches retirement celebration. May you have a happy retirement Bobby Cox; you have brought so much too so many players in your career.