Shortcut Sunday…

The day started out good, woke up had a great cup of coffee and watched my favorite show.

Then it was on to being productive.

He went to the grocery store to pick up a few things; I was enjoying that cup of coffee I mentioned.

Thing is I was thinking of things I should have asked him to get after he left but remember today started out good and it continued to get better as it progressed.

He read my mind while he was at the store and came home with all the things I was thinking of and few extras.

So his contribution to the menu today made it short cut Sunday.

I have things I am working on he is watching football; Short cuts are allowed when you are productive.

The back story about his contribution is this, on a day when I was not so productive I tuned in to some morning show that didn’t take to many brain cells to engage.

Found myself watching the segment about the producers favorite short cuts; sort of her version of that certain someone elses  favorites. That day the producers favorite food item was this sauce. She says “it’s a little expensive but so worth it…blah blah blah” cut to later that day when I got off the couch and went to the store, hey there it is that sauce.

What the hell I’ll try it, checked out the label, hey great job all good ingredients nothing crazy. If this is good I can actually add it  to my list of healthy things to eat.

I get home, open it up and stick my pinky right in the jar to taste; YES I washed my hands first. I always do when I cook.

Much to my surprise it was really, really, really good.

It reminded me of a place my parents would go for take out when we were little, insert dream sequence; ah Mel’s chicken and spaghetti.

A decision I made on  a not so productive day, when I can’t make it from scratch this is my new go to jar sauce price be damned.

A few weeks after my amazing find guess what? Buy one Get one at the grocery store…you know what I stocked up on.

My pantry has since been emptied out but today he was nice and came home with a hankering for some spaghetti, he used his brain cells and picked up the go to sauce.

He is nice every day but we won’t tell him that, he tends to get a little uppity if you do that too often.

The day started off good, got better and who knows how it will end but it certainly seems to be going in the same direction as it began.


I got up today and I remembered where I was on that day, I remembered where I was in that moment, I remembered my friend who lost her son, I remembered wondering what would my dad think if he were still alive; he fought in WWII. He taught me what it meant to be a Patriot.

I remembered that feeling in my heart; I feel it still every time I remember. I feel it when victim’s families are interviewed. I remember my friends who were in the military. I remember the fear I had for them, for what lies ahead in their future.

 I woke up today and lived my life like others no longer can and that is what I did to remember. Keep on living and never stop because if you stop then they win.

There is just something about that face…

There is just something about that face.

Looking at Reilly always makes me say that to myself.

I say that about the other man but he can speak; he tells me I can’t put his face here, no not on the internet.

So I can share Reilly because he can’t speak therefore he cannot protest the posting of his face.

Inspiration has eluded me lately, among other things. BUT I read somewhere today that if you are going to blog you should still blog when you have nothing to blog about; ya follow? And after searching through what I thought was nothing I found many something’s because Reilly provides many something’s to blog about.

Soo my blogging about nothing is this …just something about that face.

Reilly Smiles…

What are smiles? The corners of our lips turned up to show we are happy; hmm the simple version.  

Sometimes smiles come in many different ways.

Today’s smile was brought to me by Reilly.

He made me laugh, with his little Reilly smile.

I laughed on the outside but as I walked away to do something in the house the feeling stayed with me; a smile in my heart. It trigged other thoughts, thoughts that brought a greater feeling, and then a bigger warmer feeling in my heart began to spread.

Some people can’t smile; they are in a place where life doesn’t bring them smiles. They try to make the smile happen yet there it is the black cloud that turns each corner down. The once warm heart stays cold. Unhappiness becomes their daily feeling.

There are times when the smile takes effort and if you forget to make the attempt to put on a happy face some people feel compelled to tell you to “smile”. Sometimes the reminder may bring one out of deep thought and back to reality but other times telling someone to smile when one does not know why they are frowning is dangerous territory.

If what I have done may bring a smile to heart or some ones face so be it, I will not tell them to smile. Sometimes it’s the little things that will take that person to the place that will make them feel like smiling.

I leave that job up to the universe to bring smiles or Reilly.

Where I am…

This is my place, where I sit

Where I find peace

Where I am

This is my place, where I go in my mind

Where I am still

Where I am

This is my place, where I feel

Where warm heals

Where I am

This is my place, where my heart finds rhythm

Where energy fills

Where I am

This is my place, where I am

Officer Reilly with a Smile for You…

Because he always makes you smile, I am giving you a shot of Reilly today.

Some of you know of him, some of you have met him and some of you have seen him on my flickr page but he is always good for a smile no matter where you see him.

Whenever I am out with Reilly I see it, strangers smile and say “Is he a Jack Russell?” and of course he is and they laugh. They all think he is a puppy. Reilly is 7. 

Reilly came to our house on August 11, 2007 and never left. He was a rescue; he lived in his foster home for 3 years before we found him. He needed some structure. His original owners would let him wander the neighborhood. He would come home with UPS packages and autographed baseball hats from other people’s garages. I guess that is why he ended up in a foster home. Tim wanted to give him back, my heart wouldn’t let go.  We trained him, Tim trained him. He now listens. He stole Tim’s heart too.  A little sketchy around kids but we know how to take care of that, he still spins but not as often. Ya have to meet Reilly in person to see the spin, neighbors watch out windows just to see; they laugh.

Reilly was suppose to have a different name but because he was an older dog we kept the one he had; I changed the spelling to a more Irish version. You know because if Reilly talked he would have an Irish brogue. Tim thinks I am nuts but there is this personality that comes out of Reilly when you are walking him sometimes.  I call it, The Officer Reilly.

Growing up in my neighborhood when I was little they had beat cops that walked the streets. At night they checked storefront doors making sure they were locked, cleared out the shadows keeping the streets safe; we lived on the first floor so I could watch them walk by they were always alert, looking side to side, going in and out of the door ways. THAT is Reilly when we walk around the neighborhood, he ducks in and out of driveways looking at people’s houses, pert, on his toes, ears pricked in the air looking from side to side and up the streets.

Here is officer Reilly to give you a smile today.

I Leave You With Still Beauty Tonight…

I have not posted in a little while; I have been shooting and working in Photoshop honing my skills, but in the last two weeks I have been pretty much brain fried.

You see we are short handed at work; I don’t mean down by one or two people short handed no, I am talking an entire team…ok well maybe not an entire team but after today there is one lone member left on one of the two teams that make up our department so yeah, almost an entire team. By the time I get home creative is gone, eyeballs’ are burning in sockets and brain is as I already said fried, fried, fried.

Its one thing to be “on” but when you’re “on, on” it’s mentally draining.

This picture makes me want to be in a peaceful place. I have been thinking more and more about the shore, the ocean, a beach but I have no shots to convey that image I have been conjuring up. I looked at this and it made me feel still.

I leave you with still beauty tonight.