Shortcut Sunday…

The day started out good, woke up had a great cup of coffee and watched my favorite show.

Then it was on to being productive.

He went to the grocery store to pick up a few things; I was enjoying that cup of coffee I mentioned.

Thing is I was thinking of things I should have asked him to get after he left but remember today started out good and it continued to get better as it progressed.

He read my mind while he was at the store and came home with all the things I was thinking of and few extras.

So his contribution to the menu today made it short cut Sunday.

I have things I am working on he is watching football; Short cuts are allowed when you are productive.

The back story about his contribution is this, on a day when I was not so productive I tuned in to some morning show that didn’t take to many brain cells to engage.

Found myself watching the segment about the producers favorite short cuts; sort of her version of that certain someone elses  favorites. That day the producers favorite food item was this sauce. She says “it’s a little expensive but so worth it…blah blah blah” cut to later that day when I got off the couch and went to the store, hey there it is that sauce.

What the hell I’ll try it, checked out the label, hey great job all good ingredients nothing crazy. If this is good I can actually add it  to my list of healthy things to eat.

I get home, open it up and stick my pinky right in the jar to taste; YES I washed my hands first. I always do when I cook.

Much to my surprise it was really, really, really good.

It reminded me of a place my parents would go for take out when we were little, insert dream sequence; ah Mel’s chicken and spaghetti.

A decision I made on  a not so productive day, when I can’t make it from scratch this is my new go to jar sauce price be damned.

A few weeks after my amazing find guess what? Buy one Get one at the grocery store…you know what I stocked up on.

My pantry has since been emptied out but today he was nice and came home with a hankering for some spaghetti, he used his brain cells and picked up the go to sauce.

He is nice every day but we won’t tell him that, he tends to get a little uppity if you do that too often.

The day started off good, got better and who knows how it will end but it certainly seems to be going in the same direction as it began.

The Granola Wars…

I made granola bars; no I tried to make granola bars.

They were more like nut clusters than bars.

It’s a result of my new ways, new habits, and the thing I have to do to wake this body up.

The doctors have finally or hopefully figured out the way to fix me and now I have to do my part.

In my quest to set things back on the right path I have had to adjust the things I eat, the things I cook with and things I drink too…yes for now I Laura C. cannot have a drink or shall I say should not have a drink.

What’s a fun loving Irish girl to do?

It’s quite frustrating.

I have to learn how to cook all over again and it’s killing me.

I feel like I can’t do a damn good thing in the kitchen anymore; what good is eating if the food tastes like crap?  Sometimes I feel like the real goal behind all this is to make me hate food so much that I could care less about it; I will live on smoothies eating  granola nut clusters for snacks just to save myself the hassle of figuring out how and what to make for my gazillionth meal of the day.

I want my marinades, my salts, my pastas; I want my porch party so I can drink.

I know it’s a lot of undoing of the bad and getting back to the good. After all, I use to do this with the greatest of ease. I was working out a total of 3 hours a day, I ran, I swam, I walked and lifted weights. I was eating the best fresh non processed foods I could and loving it all without any issues.  That is until my body and mind came to a screeching halt  refusing to go on  like a damn pack mule.

This time I have the psychological battle; the fear of hitting a brick wall, the fear that once again I will have short lived success and my body will do what it pleases by defying all logic refusing to fall in line.  

I can’t and I won’t let it win.

I have become the label reader in the grocery store; I have cleaned out the refined sugar in my pantry and replaced it with agave nectar. Now I use the refined sugar in a lemon facial scrub and I am feeling good about myself, once again.

I will not become the earthy crunchy granola girl, but I may be eating that earthy crunchy granola until this body learns it’s my way starting now.