Hot Totties for Joe…

It was a long time ago I went to a land far and away. 

Got off the plane, here I wanted to stay.

Driving in the car wrong side and all; yet I drove like a pro it was not I who hit that wall.

It was peace in my heart no troubles in my head; every day a new adventure every night a new bed.

A poets tower, a wonderful bay, the hills full of sheep and men making hay.

A town full of family a short visit at that; had to drive to the big city to get our money back.

Found a place for the night some reason didn’t feel right, but a hot shower with pressure was a pleasant delight.

Vegetarians platter was all I could eat for a saw was needed to cut that leather they called meat.

It was an Inch, it was a Strand, its beauty was grand, this place feels like home my heart left to roam.

Off to the place full of drink did help us mingle, a lovely little dolphin in a place called Dingle.

Up through the mountains, over cliffs to the sea, the trips end is coming how can this be?

Back where we started, oh the places we did go, a doll calling out a name, hot totties for Joe.

How I would miss this place, can’t explain why, sitting in the airport, beginning to cry.

It was a long time ago I went to a land far and away, I found my favorite flower on a bright sunny day.

6 thoughts on “Hot Totties for Joe…

  1. Tricia

    I tapped the wall didn’t hit the wall…. and neither of us was a pro… we both had to yell out when it was our turn to be the co-pilot “stay left, stay left”!
    It was there in Dingle I met an Irish lad who had the gift to see the future…he said what would happen not too much later would change my life forever (he was right on the money).
    The peace and calmness that came from Ireland has never happened in my life again; I so desire to go back, to go back to Inch! But Joe and I couldn’t wait to get out of Inch, who knew at that point that Inch would some day hold answers for me…. I will go back and I trust it will be sooner than later!!!

    1. lauracee

      We only had to say when we came to intersections. I loved Inch, the place we stayed in was nice, had the coolest wood floors and the bathroom was huge. That’s where we saw our first Gypsy in a red wagon too

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