Bacon, Glorious Bacon…

Me: “Tim come here I want you to see this”

Tim staring at image on computer monitor: “Eww (ready, add Wisconsin accent on the next word) Gross, I ate that today” Yes you did!!!

BLT’s were the item on the menu by request from none other than Tim himself and I did not protest.

I know, not that long ago I blogged about my healthy eating. Hey, a girls gotta have some bacon once in awhile.  It’s not an item  that regularly appears on the menu and it’s not very often Tim is requesting to cook it; he hates that lingering smell of bacon permeating throughout the house long after it has been consumed.

Today, we cooked it on the grill, in the morning, well mid morning. That is why you see that little twinkle of sunlight; light that is good for shooting pictures but I like to think it was the wonderful personality of the bacon shining through as well.  

Shall I extol the virtues of bacon or do most people already know them? Or, do they hide the secrete desire to consume bacon for fear of being looked down upon for making such an unhealthy choice in dietary pleasure, did I say pleasure, ah hem choice, I mean choice. Come on,  if consumed in small quantities, not very often and handled responsibly bacon can be that once in a while treat ranking right up there with a pint of Coffee flavored  Hagen Daz, Slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and Ice Box cake. None of which have appeared on my menu in quite some time…oh no wait, Ice Box cake made an appearance not that long ago. However, that was for visitors and luckily it went fast so I only had two pieces.

Never mind that back to the bacon and its yummy salty, crunchy goodness.  I like to think that I added responsible choices to my consumption of the much maligned porkster by laying it upon slices of fresh tomato, toasted fresh 9 grain Italian bread; I forego the L in the BLT combination, not a big fan of the L on my sandwiches. Give me a bowl full of the L loaded with plenty of fresh crispy veggies and a tasty homemade vinaigrette, you got a fan but no, not on my sandwiches. There was a spreading of the mayo, a light mayo and yes coffee was involved; after all this was a brunch BLT. Coffee sweetened by Agave Nectar and fat free lightener with no processed ingredients.

I did the bacon thing the right way. Besides, my iron skillet thanks me for the bath in bacon fat…what a wonderful added bonus seasoning my iron skillet received and it will thank me when it gives back a wonderfully cooked meal in the future.

Bacon, “eww gross” I think not.

4 thoughts on “Bacon, Glorious Bacon…

  1. Erin Counter

    You should seriously be a photographer for a cookbook – email Rachel Ray and tell her her books needs photos – you take such good food shots. But I’ll have to agree with Tim on this one – “ewww gross”. Been almost 2 months not eating meat and I can’t even stomach it. Bacon though has a big fan in Mike – I think he could eat a whole pound and not even flinch…

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