It Was a Good Night Storm…

I remember as a kid sitting in the window listening to the rain and thunder, watching the lightning as the storms rolled through; I was always fascinated by their energy.

Everyone would run away from the window but I would run towards it; most times I would swing open the front door and stand out on the porch watching the sky. My mom would run around unplugging all electrical appliances,  yelling if someone wanted to take a shower that they had to wait until the storm was over and she would eventually find me outside and yell “Get in this house now”  I would say “I am fine. I am out of the rain see” showing her that I was still standing on the porch under cover and she would nag at me until I won.  Eventually she would end up standing on the other side of the screen door amazed at the loudest thunder clap and bright lightning strike; sometimes you have to goad my mom in to being brave but she comes around.  If it scared her she would say “You better get in here now” and then I would reassure her that I was fine and it worked.

As a young girl the foot of my bed was right under the window, if a storm woke me up I would move my pillow to the end of the bed and sit up watching the storm with my head leaning on the sill; those night storms were always the best.

Last night I stood in Tim’s office upstairs with both blinds pulled all the way up leaving the windows wide open; if any neighbors were looking they probably thought the girl is nuts.  It was a great night. It was 1:00 am before I finished and I never realized it was that late; the storms started rolling in around 8:30-9:00.

I wondered how many kids out there were sitting in their windows watching the storms.  How many of their brave little hearts beating with excitement and fear were daring enough to look through the dark night watching the intense lightning, hearing the loud scary thunder? I hope there was a ton; I hope that they were all fearless enough to face the storm, experience the energy and gain an understanding to respect Mother Nature.

Looking out over the neighborhoods shiny wet streets and listening to the last of the rainfall with one more check of to make sure there would be no more storms rolling through I packed up my stuff quietly making sure I didn’t wake up Tim and went to bed.

It was a great night; it was the best night storm ever.

Catching lightning…

Tonight a storm came through; actually a few they were predicted to pack a lot of lightning.

They did.

This is my second attempt at catching lightning; I have to say compared to my first attempt this was most successful.

Unfortunately I had very limited battery power, it was getting late in the evening, someone was trying to get to sleep; how in the storm I don’t know and I had to shoot through a window.

However, I have to say I caught a lot of it, perfect it’s not but I am getting there…