This one is for Tricia…

 When I saw this picture I thought of my sister Tricia and her torment over “the cheese stands alone.”

While no, this is not cheese and the lemons are not alone this still made me think if of my sister and her lament over this cheese and it’s heart break.

The lone lemon on the chair by itself… let us say it’s the healthier version of the cheese, alone.

“The cheese stands alone

 The cheese stands alone

 Hi-ho, the derry-o

The cheese stands alone”

4 thoughts on “This one is for Tricia…

  1. Kraig

    I absolutely love this photo. The subtle lighting on the simple subject is great. It also leaves me wondering, how did the one lemon get on the chair? Maybe it just got tired and wanted a rest.

  2. mike

    playing pick up football one day when i was in the fifth grade a friend of mine took a shoulder right in his nation sack–4-5 days later my friend-who if he was thinking it he was saying it – was restricted to his bed and regaling us with us how they removed one of his family jewels and replaced it with a plastic imposter- we all listened in disbelief and were feeling sympathy discormfort below our belts – while my friend’s mother was yelling from the other room to shut his mouth because she did not want the whole world to know — well when he finally was well enough to attend school he also told everyone in our fifth grade class his great tale – including the girls – who came up with a nickname that stuck – “one hung low”

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