This one’s for the ladies…and the guys too…

Let’s get back to natural, why not it’s what works.

This was inspired by Kandee Johnson; she is a makeup artist I found through a blog. Long story how I found it but I did; she has the most interesting blog for makeup and skin care. I will include the original video she posted along with a link to her blog so you can check it out for yourself.

Now with that said lets get back to the subject, back to the natural way of doing things.

To avoid a TMI moment let’s just say things have happened in my life, some to me some to people I know and it’s really got me thinking about the way things should be, the way the seasons change, how things grow and die at certain times of the year and how we should follow this function.

This is the first of a few blogs that will touch on this subject; what can I say I am feeling inspired to share this part of my life.

I have been feeling pretty betrayed by my body recently. Started to get away from who I am and what I need to do for myself little did I realize it was not so much my body betraying me but me betraying my body.

Somewhere along the way I gave up, another long story and potential TMI moment…I will save it for a later blog.

LET’s just say I have been feeling pretty good lately, starting to feel myself not just physically but emotionally.  I saw this video and realized I needed to get my skin regime back on track. Not to mention all the crap I had been taking was doing nothing but drying out my skin, hair and nails to say the least. Yeah, I was blessed with some damn good genes but I still gotta take care of what I was given.

I liked Kandees idea but the sugar and lemon directly on the clothe  struck me as to abrasive for the skin; an esthetician once told me about using harsh abrasive things on our face and it was not good; even the most innocent things we think are non abrasive. She went on to say to be careful of our sugar, oatmeal and other scrubs we come across. The lemon is perfect, I remember her talking about the acids in things like that; pineapples too they are good for a scrub. So I put Kandees idea to work but instead of placing the ingredients directly on the cloth I put them in a little bowl. To let the sugar dilute a bit and loose its rough edges but still be rough enough to slough off the dead skin cells along with the help of the lemon juice.

I squeezed the lemon juice in small bowl, and because I had all this refined sugar in the house and am no longer going to be using it I thought what a great thing then to recycle it in a healthy way.  So, off to my canister of sugar I went, scooping it in until I got the consistency I liked and off to the showers. 

Because we have had a lot of rain and around here when the rain comes the ants march I had to be very careful of how I applied this and where. I once used a sugar scrub on my legs in the shower and the next morning, ants galore in the tub. I know gross. So I applied carefully to my face in circular motions, softly of course and leaning far over the sink; if it dripped it was down the drain. I then scrubbed down the neck and chest area or the decollate.

 Because the sugar had dissolved so well once I was done scrubbing and applying it no longer was liquid form but sticky, this was perfect, no dripping on the floor, no ants. I stepped in the shower, rinse, cleaned the tub and voila, the face was soft smooth and healthy looking.

Thanks to Kandee I got my facial cleaners, now on to a good moisturizer.

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