The Sprouts are coming, the sprouts are coming…

They are sprouting, little green stem and leaves coming up through the mulch.

I just planted them last weekend and here we are one week later with growth.

It looks like every little Bachelors buttons has sprung up from its seed; these are going to hopefully provide the background for my Hens~n ~Chicks in a big decorative pot.

The sunflowers are growing with such fervor that they still have part of the sunflower seed shell on their little leaves.

Last year we had the mutant sunflower tree.  My goal this year is to get that same tree like growth. Except this year I planted a ton of them; I expect to see sunflower fireworks out there this year. 

There is a third type of a sunflower that was given to me by a friend called Teddy Bear Sunflower, I can’t wait to see those come bloom time.  

So far all the rain from last year, the cold winter we had and more rain this spring has brought us out of a drought down here has paid off; I mean besides filling the lake back up which was a big deal.   

Everything is growing like crazy and producing flowers.

The Hens ~n~ Chicks are multiplying like crazy, the lilacs came to life this spring, the hydrangea has survived, and my fuchsia are actually growing through the mulch they were buried under; let’s hope they produce some flowers.

I hope I can keep this green thumb luck up for a long time because Tim’s mom is coming this summer and I want her to see a nice looking yard; she has a serious green thumb no, wait, she has  a kick ass green thumb.

BUT I am afraid if it goes how I planted we might have a crazy sunflower yard.

2 thoughts on “The Sprouts are coming, the sprouts are coming…

  1. mike

    the mr. softee truck brought us mostly vanilla and chocolate – they had some sprinkles and dip coating with color but most of it was just white and brown – cones-sandwhiches-coke and rootbeer floats — and it’s calling sound was just bing! bing! bing! with a flashing vanilla cone that had a man’s face — but now that melody playing truck filled with confectionary treats made of exlpoding day-glow colors with hard candy at the bottom of the plastic cones when the shebert glow was all gone and the red white and blue pop that gave you lips the color of dead man was none other than the ding dong cart driven by summering college kids who also sold chemical treats for the older people who wanted to enhance the high times of summer – they definitely would not be sellin those flowers out of a Mr. softee truck….

  2. HemnFlerserie

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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