This one is for Tricia…

 When I saw this picture I thought of my sister Tricia and her torment over “the cheese stands alone.”

While no, this is not cheese and the lemons are not alone this still made me think if of my sister and her lament over this cheese and it’s heart break.

The lone lemon on the chair by itself… let us say it’s the healthier version of the cheese, alone.

“The cheese stands alone

 The cheese stands alone

 Hi-ho, the derry-o

The cheese stands alone”

The Granola Wars…

I made granola bars; no I tried to make granola bars.

They were more like nut clusters than bars.

It’s a result of my new ways, new habits, and the thing I have to do to wake this body up.

The doctors have finally or hopefully figured out the way to fix me and now I have to do my part.

In my quest to set things back on the right path I have had to adjust the things I eat, the things I cook with and things I drink too…yes for now I Laura C. cannot have a drink or shall I say should not have a drink.

What’s a fun loving Irish girl to do?

It’s quite frustrating.

I have to learn how to cook all over again and it’s killing me.

I feel like I can’t do a damn good thing in the kitchen anymore; what good is eating if the food tastes like crap?  Sometimes I feel like the real goal behind all this is to make me hate food so much that I could care less about it; I will live on smoothies eating  granola nut clusters for snacks just to save myself the hassle of figuring out how and what to make for my gazillionth meal of the day.

I want my marinades, my salts, my pastas; I want my porch party so I can drink.

I know it’s a lot of undoing of the bad and getting back to the good. After all, I use to do this with the greatest of ease. I was working out a total of 3 hours a day, I ran, I swam, I walked and lifted weights. I was eating the best fresh non processed foods I could and loving it all without any issues.  That is until my body and mind came to a screeching halt  refusing to go on  like a damn pack mule.

This time I have the psychological battle; the fear of hitting a brick wall, the fear that once again I will have short lived success and my body will do what it pleases by defying all logic refusing to fall in line.  

I can’t and I won’t let it win.

I have become the label reader in the grocery store; I have cleaned out the refined sugar in my pantry and replaced it with agave nectar. Now I use the refined sugar in a lemon facial scrub and I am feeling good about myself, once again.

I will not become the earthy crunchy granola girl, but I may be eating that earthy crunchy granola until this body learns it’s my way starting now.

This one’s for the ladies…and the guys too…

Let’s get back to natural, why not it’s what works.

This was inspired by Kandee Johnson; she is a makeup artist I found through a blog. Long story how I found it but I did; she has the most interesting blog for makeup and skin care. I will include the original video she posted along with a link to her blog so you can check it out for yourself.

Now with that said lets get back to the subject, back to the natural way of doing things.

To avoid a TMI moment let’s just say things have happened in my life, some to me some to people I know and it’s really got me thinking about the way things should be, the way the seasons change, how things grow and die at certain times of the year and how we should follow this function.

This is the first of a few blogs that will touch on this subject; what can I say I am feeling inspired to share this part of my life.

I have been feeling pretty betrayed by my body recently. Started to get away from who I am and what I need to do for myself little did I realize it was not so much my body betraying me but me betraying my body.

Somewhere along the way I gave up, another long story and potential TMI moment…I will save it for a later blog.

LET’s just say I have been feeling pretty good lately, starting to feel myself not just physically but emotionally.  I saw this video and realized I needed to get my skin regime back on track. Not to mention all the crap I had been taking was doing nothing but drying out my skin, hair and nails to say the least. Yeah, I was blessed with some damn good genes but I still gotta take care of what I was given.

I liked Kandees idea but the sugar and lemon directly on the clothe  struck me as to abrasive for the skin; an esthetician once told me about using harsh abrasive things on our face and it was not good; even the most innocent things we think are non abrasive. She went on to say to be careful of our sugar, oatmeal and other scrubs we come across. The lemon is perfect, I remember her talking about the acids in things like that; pineapples too they are good for a scrub. So I put Kandees idea to work but instead of placing the ingredients directly on the cloth I put them in a little bowl. To let the sugar dilute a bit and loose its rough edges but still be rough enough to slough off the dead skin cells along with the help of the lemon juice.

I squeezed the lemon juice in small bowl, and because I had all this refined sugar in the house and am no longer going to be using it I thought what a great thing then to recycle it in a healthy way.  So, off to my canister of sugar I went, scooping it in until I got the consistency I liked and off to the showers. 

Because we have had a lot of rain and around here when the rain comes the ants march I had to be very careful of how I applied this and where. I once used a sugar scrub on my legs in the shower and the next morning, ants galore in the tub. I know gross. So I applied carefully to my face in circular motions, softly of course and leaning far over the sink; if it dripped it was down the drain. I then scrubbed down the neck and chest area or the decollate.

 Because the sugar had dissolved so well once I was done scrubbing and applying it no longer was liquid form but sticky, this was perfect, no dripping on the floor, no ants. I stepped in the shower, rinse, cleaned the tub and voila, the face was soft smooth and healthy looking.

Thanks to Kandee I got my facial cleaners, now on to a good moisturizer.

The Sprouts are coming, the sprouts are coming…

They are sprouting, little green stem and leaves coming up through the mulch.

I just planted them last weekend and here we are one week later with growth.

It looks like every little Bachelors buttons has sprung up from its seed; these are going to hopefully provide the background for my Hens~n ~Chicks in a big decorative pot.

The sunflowers are growing with such fervor that they still have part of the sunflower seed shell on their little leaves.

Last year we had the mutant sunflower tree.  My goal this year is to get that same tree like growth. Except this year I planted a ton of them; I expect to see sunflower fireworks out there this year. 

There is a third type of a sunflower that was given to me by a friend called Teddy Bear Sunflower, I can’t wait to see those come bloom time.  

So far all the rain from last year, the cold winter we had and more rain this spring has brought us out of a drought down here has paid off; I mean besides filling the lake back up which was a big deal.   

Everything is growing like crazy and producing flowers.

The Hens ~n~ Chicks are multiplying like crazy, the lilacs came to life this spring, the hydrangea has survived, and my fuchsia are actually growing through the mulch they were buried under; let’s hope they produce some flowers.

I hope I can keep this green thumb luck up for a long time because Tim’s mom is coming this summer and I want her to see a nice looking yard; she has a serious green thumb no, wait, she has  a kick ass green thumb.

BUT I am afraid if it goes how I planted we might have a crazy sunflower yard.

To my mom…


Because I don’t have a recording of my mom doing this song this is the closest version of this song that sounds just like my mom, and yes she sounds that good.  I always cry hearing this song; it makes me miss my mom.

I was the fourth and final to add to your three, the day you gave birth to me

You gave me life

You gave us song

The job you performed can surpass none other

Our heads you gave cover

 Our bellies you filled

Our hearts you instilled

The ways of loving, caring; unknowingly how to be fearless

I am of you, I am like you and yet you taught me to be my own

You let each of us go and we always come back

Ma, Mom, Ma I am far away,  today I miss you