In Dreams Message Received…

In dreams we see things different then in life, mystical, eartherial, sometimes chaotic, people who are not themselves but you know they are someone else, ya follow?

 But what do our dreams mean?

Do we give them value? Take them seriously? Do we dismiss them by providing a simple explanation? It was that pickle and chocolate you ate before going to bed; no I did not eat those two items before bed last night.

Sometimes we have overwhelming dreams in times of stress or when we feel out of control, dreaming of symbolic things that hunt us down in what is suppose to be a peaceful time of slumber.

I use to have a reoccurring dream. Standing on a beach a huge wave was approaching I could tell by its size I couldn’t out run it, this thing was going to cover the beach. Not just partially and get the people camped out closest to the shoreline with their chairs all wet but it was headed all the way up to the top where the snack bar was; I always woke up right as the wave was cresting and about to slam down. After my dad passed away the dream started again but this time I didn’t care; at the time I didn’t care about much of anything. In my dream I faced the wave and jumped under it; just like when you are riding waves trying to find that perfect one diving under the crappy stuff. I came up on the other side it was still like a lake, no waves, calm. I have never had that dream again. I came out of my funk; I faced that overwhelming feeling inside.

Last night I dreamt of a friend, the dream made me worry. I couldn’t get my friend out off my mind, was the universe sending me a message?

I believe it did, trust your instinct.

3 thoughts on “In Dreams Message Received…

  1. Kathie

    Sometimes the dreams are the reallity and life is the nighmare…..that being said…please reply to andrea so she doesn’t lose any sleep. Now.,.tonight before I totally drift off I’m going to pray for pleasant dreams of everyone I love…. see you all there

  2. mike

    …Picture yourself in a boat on a river,With tangerine trees and marmalade skies Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,Towering over your head…dreams-one of freuds many theories was that we are everyone in our dream…in the movie lorenzo’s oil his dad got the solution to his sons disease in a dream…God told jesus step dad how to get away from a murdering king in a dream…sometimes i get to see my dad alive again in my dream…is a dream a lie if it don’t come true or is it something worse (springsteen)…I close my eyes-Then I drift awayInto the magic nightI -softly sway-Oh smile and pray-Like dreamers do-Then I fall asleep-To dream my dreams of you…(r.orbison)

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