My awesome mistake…



Can’t seem to find them growing here in the south.

Back home if you have a lilac bush on your street and the neighbor is nice enough to let you raid their yard you would run home with a huge bunch of cuttings so you could get them in water quickly to savor the fragrance; no matter how many you take there always seems to be a ton still left on the branches.

When I was little I remember kids would bring them in for the teacher; somehow I always found myself sitting close to the teachers desk so got to smell them all day long it was intoxicating.

I was lucky to live next door to my sister who had a lilac bush in her yard, I would raid that sucker and fill up my apartment. The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom; any and every surface that could would have a jar, a glass, or vase perched on it and if it was next to the window even better. All the windows open, the exhilarating aroma wafting in on a warm spring breeze while lying in bed listing to music…ahh Lilacs.

There is no way to replicate this scent. Any perfume that has ever tried it has failed. The closest I have ever come to finding the scent in the off season is a Yankee Candle and that in itself is another story.

My dream as you have seen written before is to have a lilac bush under each window; well this plant has struggled just to survive the last four years, no blossoms just leaves. I had purchased three, two purple/blue and one white. I guess I lost a blue one because this is giving me white flowers. The sister plant, its name is stick to give you an idea of its progress.

4 thoughts on “My awesome mistake…

  1. mike

    my memory of lilacs was that a certain family in our school that the visiting nurse always discovered head lice with were the same family that brought in the purple lilacs for the nuns – and most of the nuns left the lilacs in the vases till they got to smell like some kind of animal urine – such a beautiful flower and flagerance with a slanted introduction to my little life….

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