Has Anybody here seen Hank…

The flowers are they getting old? But this one is for Hank.

Yes, there are cherry blossoms in Atlanta, they look like big fat carnations and this year they are huge, like giant pompoms, and it’s like Mother Nature’s cheerleaders out there doing their thing.

She gave us the rainy season before the winter then followed up with lots of cold and snow, by Atlanta’s winter standards.  Now we see the result in these flowers that blooming. Big fat flowers with lots of colors.

One thought on “Has Anybody here seen Hank…

  1. Andrea

    Nope. The flowers are definitely NOT getting old for me. I love ’em! In fact, I extra love this picture. There are so many fabulous contrasts in this photo. The clear, deep blue sky .. the bright white picket fence, the rough bark on the tree highlights the soft, romantic cherry blossoms. Ok.. that’s all I can come up with. But seriously.. pretty cool photo.

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