Closed for the Day

When you think that you have it covered, the way you live are you getting through it all and is it working?

Is it really?

 Covered up, closed to the world, to the hurt, to the pain, to living, feeling and truly breathing in and out.

 Taking it all in just take it and what it has to offer, molding you, guiding you, nudging you in every direction bouncing from bumper to bumper like a pin ball machine.

Are you experiencing the life or are you covering your head to protect yourself from the danger of what could be? The what ifs, the worst case scenarios.

 Are you playing it safe by covering up the self and protecting your heart?

Why can’t it break? Why can’t the pain be the best part? It makes the love and ride worth the finding of answers at the end of each road trip.

If you watch the living things, the seasons, the cycle of it all, the closed; it opens.

The pain of growth brings beauty to light, to die and grow again.

How do you live if you don’t open up to the world and what it has for you?

4 thoughts on “Closed for the Day

  1. mike

    “…Oh girl that feeling of safety that you prize
    Well it comes at a hard hard price
    You can’t shut off the risk and the pain
    Without losing the love that remains
    Were all riders on this train…” – springsteen

    hey, can you find the man in the beans on the ground?

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