A Cherry Day


I seem to be on a flower kick, not sure why I am not really into flower photography. 

It’s just there and pretty.

I try not to limit what I do, no pigeon hole here. Just go with the flow and come what may.

I go by my heart, let it lead where it takes me, learn by experience.

The cherry blossoms are huge this year; Martha Stewart couldn’t make a more perfect looking bouquet then what this tree is creating outside daily.

We started out with three trees, the one in the middle has become a beast, we lost one that sat to the right and the other to its left is surviving, fighting every season to keep its long gangly limbs producing flowers and leaves. 

This year its flowers are just as big as the beast. 

It’s got heart; it’s having a Cherry Day.

3 thoughts on “A Cherry Day

  1. mike

    flowers on sticks – what an idea! in the dna of beauty is the promise that all of loves desires will be fullfilled – what dreamer –

  2. Andrea

    If I could stuff some ivory peonies, a couple ranunculas, and some antique green hydrangea’s in there and add some pleated vintage ribbon… that mammoth cherry blossom would make a kick ass bridal bouquet.

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