As We Watch

Here they come; the flowers are going in to the ground. Soon the seeds will be sown the plans laid out hoping they produce a sunflower firework display.

For now the tulips have bloomed and swayed from right to left following the sunrise to sunset. They have gone their full cycle with only four left opening purple petals to the sun’s rays each day.

Next to start blooming are the lilacs. I have dreamed of a house with a lilac bush under every window filling each room with their intoxicating aroma; I will settle for the two that have struggled to survive outside the screened in porch in the back of the house.  This year they seem to be sprouting greener stronger leaves, and one has some blossoms ready to burst.

Can’t wait for the heat of the hot sun and the sunflower fireworks.

One thought on “As We Watch

  1. mike

    just look at em – analog smiles on stems – better than the sideways 🙂 you see all over the digital universe these days!

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