For the Health of it…

So today I started something that will hopefully get my body back in line and start acting right.

The next six days should be interesting, a challenge and hopefully get me back on the path of being me.

Yes I ingested it, all tall dark green 8 ounces of it; really didn’t taste as bad as I was advised .  In fact there was no taste at all.

I was suppose to have a partner to partake of this in support; 4 hours in to it and they quit.

Its ok I have endured disappointment from my own body workings this is not really going to be all that bad…it’s the end result that will be my challenge.

Will it work? Am I excited? I will get back to you in 27 days.  Until then its life as it has been.


The survivor, struggling, fights while the strong have staked their claim.

Shows grace, style and strength; producing in the same vein of excellence not backing down.

The strong survives but the survivor perseveres and stays the course.

The survivor knows the way.

In Dreams Message Received…

In dreams we see things different then in life, mystical, eartherial, sometimes chaotic, people who are not themselves but you know they are someone else, ya follow?

 But what do our dreams mean?

Do we give them value? Take them seriously? Do we dismiss them by providing a simple explanation? It was that pickle and chocolate you ate before going to bed; no I did not eat those two items before bed last night.

Sometimes we have overwhelming dreams in times of stress or when we feel out of control, dreaming of symbolic things that hunt us down in what is suppose to be a peaceful time of slumber.

I use to have a reoccurring dream. Standing on a beach a huge wave was approaching I could tell by its size I couldn’t out run it, this thing was going to cover the beach. Not just partially and get the people camped out closest to the shoreline with their chairs all wet but it was headed all the way up to the top where the snack bar was; I always woke up right as the wave was cresting and about to slam down. After my dad passed away the dream started again but this time I didn’t care; at the time I didn’t care about much of anything. In my dream I faced the wave and jumped under it; just like when you are riding waves trying to find that perfect one diving under the crappy stuff. I came up on the other side it was still like a lake, no waves, calm. I have never had that dream again. I came out of my funk; I faced that overwhelming feeling inside.

Last night I dreamt of a friend, the dream made me worry. I couldn’t get my friend out off my mind, was the universe sending me a message?

I believe it did, trust your instinct.

Because of Jewel…

Because of Jewel Reilly has a home with us.

When I moved in with Tim I had to bring Picasso back home to live with his grandmother.

Tim was allergic to cats and I could not stand to give “The Man” away.

We stayed the weekend so everyone could meet Tim and my niece brought over her dog; You see because I had to get rid of Picasso Tim said we could get a dog some day, he was not allergic to all dogs but cats were bad for him and this would be the test.

Jewel was a Jack Russell who went on five mile runs with Jeff; Tim is a runner so it made sense. Yeah, Jack Russell’s full of energy, they need exercise, if Jewel could do the five mile run why couldn’t another Jack Russell? At the time Tim was running 5-6 miles a day.

As luck would have it no sneezing. A Jack Russell it would be.

On the drive back down south it didn’t really hit me until New Jersey, I don’t have Picasso anymore and I started to cry. Tim promised we will get the dog in the spring.

It was October and he figured walking and training new dog would be easier in the warm weather. Well spring came and no dog; we were renting and it was not doable, then we moved to Atlanta and again we were renting, not doable. A couple years in Atlanta and we started house hunting, found the home, moved in November. One year after being here I started looking, I found Reilly, saved the link and went to work.

So, now we have Reilly. He doesn’t go on runs; he was a handful in the beginning. Barking, spinning, not listening always has to be on a leash. With a lot of work he became a good dog. He has become Tim’s best buddy.

Jewel was funny; she was obedient, could run around on her own, no need for a leash. After getting Reilly whenever I went home and Jewel ran outside I would panic and then it would occur to me she is not like Reilly. Jewel even visited once when we lived in Tennessee, her parents took great care of her and loved her so much. She loved that bully bone, even when there were five of them in the car driving all the way from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Jewel recently moved in to a new home and had lots a room to run around. She was happy.

My mom called today, Jewel became ill and had to be put down.

Jewel brought a lot of love and happiness to a lot of people and because of Jewel, we have Reilly.

My awesome mistake…



Can’t seem to find them growing here in the south.

Back home if you have a lilac bush on your street and the neighbor is nice enough to let you raid their yard you would run home with a huge bunch of cuttings so you could get them in water quickly to savor the fragrance; no matter how many you take there always seems to be a ton still left on the branches.

When I was little I remember kids would bring them in for the teacher; somehow I always found myself sitting close to the teachers desk so got to smell them all day long it was intoxicating.

I was lucky to live next door to my sister who had a lilac bush in her yard, I would raid that sucker and fill up my apartment. The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom; any and every surface that could would have a jar, a glass, or vase perched on it and if it was next to the window even better. All the windows open, the exhilarating aroma wafting in on a warm spring breeze while lying in bed listing to music…ahh Lilacs.

There is no way to replicate this scent. Any perfume that has ever tried it has failed. The closest I have ever come to finding the scent in the off season is a Yankee Candle and that in itself is another story.

My dream as you have seen written before is to have a lilac bush under each window; well this plant has struggled just to survive the last four years, no blossoms just leaves. I had purchased three, two purple/blue and one white. I guess I lost a blue one because this is giving me white flowers. The sister plant, its name is stick to give you an idea of its progress.

The eyes have it…

And boy do they ever have it rough right now.

The pollen count started off the season with a high of 5733 count, but that didn’t bother me.

I was fine.

Today at a lower count of 1253; it’s the tree pollen that is wreaking havoc. My eyes are taking the beating. I sure hope Jason is not wearing his contacts this week.

People often think Tim is crying in this photo; poor Tim what is wrong? I’ll tell ya what’s wrong his eyes were bothering him. Yes, rubbing them makes it worse, he was not rubbing them just holding up his hands to them in frustration. In fact this is not even this year’s pollen season; this was an old photo from a few years ago.

Today my eyes made me think of this picture.

Taking a break from the flowers but sharing the result of the springs growing season.

Has Anybody here seen Hank…

The flowers are they getting old? But this one is for Hank.

Yes, there are cherry blossoms in Atlanta, they look like big fat carnations and this year they are huge, like giant pompoms, and it’s like Mother Nature’s cheerleaders out there doing their thing.

She gave us the rainy season before the winter then followed up with lots of cold and snow, by Atlanta’s winter standards.  Now we see the result in these flowers that blooming. Big fat flowers with lots of colors.