Whatta ya know Joe

I know they say when you reincarnate you come back, or are suppose to come back as a higher being. What I was told is that you don’t go backwards and becoming an animal is like going backwards.

After my dad passed, I use to think when a seagull would stand out in the group, the one that is not really scavenging the blankets, but that silly one that keeps hanging out staring and doing funny things was my dad and I would laugh. When I was told it’s likely that seagull is not your dad, ya know because of this reincarnating thing I had a feeling of disbelief.

No way, he has to have something to do with this.

 These are the things he would get a kick out of; he would make a comment or joke about the same lone goofy seagull later on and you realized he was sitting there watching that same lone goofy seagull.

One day at the beach that my dad always took us to I was out in the water looking back at the beach when a freak twister like wind swept across the beach, this mini twister was plucking umbrellas out of the ground like you would take candles out of a cake, one after another, colorful umbrellas airborne and sailing through the air like the fluffy stuff that dandelions turn in to and as it went down the beach heading up over the hill it disappeared as quick as it came. On the same day as I sat on the blanket; it was late afternoon I was looking out over the water and everyone was passed out sleeping in the sun when suddenly a massive amount of dragonflies were flying over the beach, so many that people were getting pelted by them, if you were laying down you could not sit up. I sat there watching them coming from the direction of the water not one hit me; it was amazing surrounded entirely by them as they migrated up over the hill to disappear as quickly as they came.

My dad was not the wind, not a dragonfly or even a goofy seagull, but I have to believe his spirit was there that day and when I remember it and my lips curl up on one side and then the other and that smile becomes laughing I have to believe that a spirit is there laughing with me.

6 thoughts on “Whatta ya know Joe

  1. lauracee

    man it was so windy that day no kite could stay inthe air with out getting stuck somewhere …that was the kind of day dad said “son of a Bit#$” and we knew he was mad but could not stop laughing….like the fish

  2. tricia

    lol… you were so mad at me for getting that kite stuck… and Dad was pissed too… lol… it is good to be a kid… wish I had those problems now!!

  3. lauracee

    The kite stuck on the telephone pole down by Paddy’s Wigwam, and dad yelling he is not getting another one if we get it stuck up there again…mind the wind was so strong the next one was going to be end up with the same fate.

  4. Kathie

    how about dad running down the beach trying to get the kite up in the air and there was a hole in it…lol…I still pee in my pants.

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