Whatta ya know Joe

I know they say when you reincarnate you come back, or are suppose to come back as a higher being. What I was told is that you don’t go backwards and becoming an animal is like going backwards.

After my dad passed, I use to think when a seagull would stand out in the group, the one that is not really scavenging the blankets, but that silly one that keeps hanging out staring and doing funny things was my dad and I would laugh. When I was told it’s likely that seagull is not your dad, ya know because of this reincarnating thing I had a feeling of disbelief.

No way, he has to have something to do with this.

 These are the things he would get a kick out of; he would make a comment or joke about the same lone goofy seagull later on and you realized he was sitting there watching that same lone goofy seagull.

One day at the beach that my dad always took us to I was out in the water looking back at the beach when a freak twister like wind swept across the beach, this mini twister was plucking umbrellas out of the ground like you would take candles out of a cake, one after another, colorful umbrellas airborne and sailing through the air like the fluffy stuff that dandelions turn in to and as it went down the beach heading up over the hill it disappeared as quick as it came. On the same day as I sat on the blanket; it was late afternoon I was looking out over the water and everyone was passed out sleeping in the sun when suddenly a massive amount of dragonflies were flying over the beach, so many that people were getting pelted by them, if you were laying down you could not sit up. I sat there watching them coming from the direction of the water not one hit me; it was amazing surrounded entirely by them as they migrated up over the hill to disappear as quickly as they came.

My dad was not the wind, not a dragonfly or even a goofy seagull, but I have to believe his spirit was there that day and when I remember it and my lips curl up on one side and then the other and that smile becomes laughing I have to believe that a spirit is there laughing with me.

Buzz Buzz a Bee

A busy bee’s life and some ant’s joined in too…if you look close.

The tulips are already blooming and soon the seeds will be planted for the sunflower fireworks display.

The mutant sunflower produced some insane blossoms last year

I hope I can replicate it this summer.

Poana, Poana bo Boana Bonana fanna fo Foana

These shrooms came out last summer.

I found them so cute, they looked like little houses.

This spring all the rain we had is bringing out this stuff called Poana.

Right now it’s the bane of Tim’s existence; it’s taking over his front lawn.

I think he would rather shrooms then that embarrassing Poana.

Tim the Sun is coming; the Poana will soon be gone.  Bring on the mushroom houses.

A Trip of a Life Time

Thirteen years ago I took a trip to Ireland, September of 1996.

Little did I know as I flew across the Atlantic I was embarking on a trip that would come to mean so much to me.

My sister and I along with my father rented a car; we set out on the longest Sunday drive for the next 12 days with no reservations at any hotels, no set plans for our travels, just a car our map and 12 days ahead of us with nothing planned. What we did not know is that we would literally drive around the entire country, taking us full circle starting and ending in Shannon; ok we didn’t go to northern Ireland so it was not the entire country per se but if we had stayed longer I am sure events would have brought us in that direction. The days between landing and taking off made up the most amazing vacation of my life. Memories that would come to be cherished for a life time; six months after our trip we would lose the man that would have the greatest influence on our lives, our father.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Dad, and thanks for giving us the life we have and help mold us in to who we are today. This shot is way before I picked up the camera and started shooting as a hobby. I wish I would have done better this shot would be awesome.

Coming Soon To a Neighborhood Near You

Spring rains, severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

Soon after  the constant warm weather rather than intermittent warm days. 

 The tulips are already poking their little green stems through the black mulch, and before you know it we will be sticking those sunflower seeds in the ground to see if I can replicate that mutant like stalk that grew last summer.

More to come.

They say it’s your Birthday

The first song that came on my iPod today was The Beatles, Birthday. I didn’t pick it; I have it set to shuffle at random.

It was fitting that my day started with that song, for it was 80 years ago today that the woman who gave birth to me, my brother and sisters was born.

 The first very important thing to say about my mom is that she knew how to do a birthday; she created a great birthday tradition. Nothing but birthday cakes from Langeliers Bakery; the only substitution my mom would ever entertain was a cake from Ruthie. It was a sad day when Langeliers closed and from that point on my family was in search of the replacement. Today’s image is that replacement.

My mom didn’t do the huge parties with hats  and noise makers, there were no party clowns and back then there was no such thing as those humongous bouncy inflated things; it was a friend or two and family. Less attendees more cake for all of us kids.  NO my mom didn’t say that it’s my sarcasm creeping in , one thing my mom endured for  a good part of her eighty years was four kids that had a sarcastic sense of humor. We tease her, she is an easy target.  She always laughs although, there was that one time playing Taboo… but she knows it comes from a place of love.  Especially, if it’s coming from her favorite son.

Besides a birthday cake every year a place of love was really the important thing my mom made sure was in our lives. Before any one left the house, hung up from a call or was off to bed she always made sure we said I love you and if you can a hug is provided. Often my mom at the end of a day, when us kids were still living at home was followed by “night ma love you”, our conversations on the phone always have the same closing statement “bye ma love you” and she returns it with “Love you too” In fact we all say it, all my siblings and if it’s not done there is something missing.

Today is the birthday of my mom, she is 80 and I end my night saying “night ma Love you”