The Forest through the trees

See the forest through the trees, is that the saying?

Sometimes we really can’t see what is there in front of us, it’s beauty is there, the wonder it provides, the light through the trees on the other side, yet we look away, we avoid, run, ignore and fear it; fear of failure or lack of strength?

See the forest through the trees, journey in to the forest, take a wrong turn and fail but find your way through, fight the demons in the deep dark forest, come through the other side look back on the beauty of the forest through the trees.

3 thoughts on “The Forest through the trees

  1. Andrea

    I can’t believe how awesome your photos are getting!!! Bring your camera to Vegas. 🙂 I cheaped out on my photography package. lol.

  2. Kraig

    Wow. The white snow shadowing the branches with the blue sky in the background creates such an interesting pattern. I also like that you captured the bird nest in the photo.

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