Snow Home

Snow makes things so pretty, luckily here in the south it only sticks around for a short time so you don’t have to see that ugly dirty snow that hangs around until spring. Speaking of spring, temperature predicted this weekend, high fifties maybe hitting sixty.  Way to go spring, bring it on.

My first winter in the south I wondered why I didn’t move here sooner, November rolled around and I was walking out to the mail box in my bare feet still wearing a sarong and t-shirt. Winter does something to me, something ugly. Warm in November was my anti depressant.

When it does snow here it sparks a warm feeling inside, a feeling of home.  When the first snow flake falls it’s a little bit warmer, a winter warm you know if you come from a climate where snow is second nature. The memories start to run through my mind like watching an old family vacation film; a black and white grainy film, flickering memories frame by frame. I recall Looking up to the sky, tons of flakes falling down hitting my face sticking out my tongue catching frozen crystals.  Hearing the crunch of the packed snow under foot, and the silence, there is a silence that comes with snow, a comforting silence. The snow absorbs the usual daily noise and all that is heard are faint sounds of snow blowers, shovels scraping the ground with each load of fresh fallen snow, and kids playing in the distance laughing.   Sledding down hills, serious steep hills, flying at top speed, laughing the entire way down; what an amazing feeling. And those sledding wipe outs that made you laugh at your friends so hard you thought you would pee your pants. Oh the snowball fights, Can’t forget the snowball fights, I remember one that grew in to half the neighborhood, throwing from house to house. Snow can be fun, snow can be pretty.

A northern winter can do ugly things to me but now that I am here where winter is but a blip on the radar it’s not so ugly anymore. When the rare snow fall provides a chance to think back about the good things winters up north did provide I can safely miss the winter because it brings me home.

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