Snow on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line

I am a transplant a northerner who has come to live in the south. 

When it snows up north we don’t pay any attention to it, unless there is some serious accumulation. I am talking blizzard, nor’easter, feet not inches because that is when we northerners pay attention. Here in the south they pay attention to snow; they pay attention if it’s mere inches, for mere inches can cripple an area that is not prepared to accommodate the lovely little white crystals that fall from the sky.

The snow starts to come down as I sit at work and to me it’s not a big deal. I look out the window to see if it’s sticking and when I turn back to my desk I see the look of fear in some co-workers faces, I know now to them that snow is a big deal in any amount.   I drive home in the slow traffic, practice patience for it’s really just slush nothing major but the sun had gone down and the slush is now freezing; conditions for sliding. Again no big deal I can handle this too, then I slide just a little and do what most people who are use to driving in the stuff do, recover and move along home however, there are ditches on the side of the road.  They freaked me out when I first moved here even before the first southern snow fall hit the ground.  We didn’t have this where I come from, the side of the road was flat, and ditches like this were few and far between.  I made my way home safe and sound but those ditches, they were just calling, mocking each car as it slid in the frozen slush. I have friends here, they too are from up north who have actually hit one of these ditches, luckily not at a very fast speed but they did have enough momentum to hit the ditch and roll over, a number of times.  They are ok; they lived to tell the tale and are now driving a nice new car.

So, yes the inches did bring things in the south to a grinding halt for a short time, but it also brought to me the opportunity to shoot the snow, one thing I do miss about the winter up north since I have picked up a camera. So for the next few posts you are going to see my snow in the south.

2 thoughts on “Snow on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line

  1. Whofan

    Well crafted Laura. Thank you for including Jen and I in your entry. Yes, thankfully we are alive to tell the tale of how just a very small amount of ice or snow can have a BIG impact here in the south.

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