Beni n Me


Beni and me are anxiously awaiting the sun,

I feel a bond, a kinship with the lizard

No I do not own one, but I feel like one sometimes

I get energy from the sun, recharged, I feel like I need to move towards it whenever it shines

Beni and me I think we would be friends, if I were a lizard

He has that kind of smile, smirk if you will

3 thoughts on “Beni n Me

  1. lauracee

    Ah, my heat lamp is about 5 blankets
    Sun sun I need th sun.

    Andrea, I did not buy that alligator head. I can not help what tacky gifts others will buy me, nor can I help what you will run screaming from …it makes displaying it that much better hehehe

  2. Andrea

    EEEEEEEEEK!! Poor Benny….. little does he know that if he were friends with you, his skull would eventually end up in your home as a decoration in the bathroom.

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