A fungi

Fungi in bloom.

As you can tell I don’t like the cold.

Shots like this do not happen for me in the cold. 

I could shoot some interesting things indoors but right now I am working on taking shots for my sister’s jewelry line and my camera is sort of broken.

I am accessing the archives for now.

The Inspiration


I am testing and trying new things, trying new things and testing.

Someday I wish to have a shiny, slick neat blog like all those crisp, organized polished versions out there.

It will bring you things I see, feel, taste, things that inspire me

And  some day this will be the thing I do, this photography.

It will bring me great joy,  it will create the way for me to test and try new things and try new things and test…all the time.


If I am thinking of the cold weather it tends to chill me to my bones.
Psyching myself out with thoughts of warm weather, summer time and the sun on my face seems to work, the thought of a happy place, this place, keeps the cold at bay, warming up my bones and psyche.