Trying a New Thing


I am the sunflower Goo goo ga joob

It feels like the sun is never going to warm us up again, the south is not supposed to be this cold. Luckily the cold does not last as long down here as it does back home.

3 thoughts on “Trying a New Thing

  1. Andrea

    Was that your rendition of “I am the Walrus”? Awesome picture. I love how you made it almost cartoonish. Maybe cartoon isn’t the right word.. but I like it. It’s really neato.

  2. Erin Counter

    Love the sunflower photo! You remind me to take my camera out. I’ve neglected photography so badly this past year – need to get back into it before I start school again – I just feel uninspired – like there’s nothing worth photographing in my world 🙂

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